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Uganda cricket’s triumph opens doors for future growth

Uganda cricket
Uganda's road to World Cup. Photo- Collected

Following Thursday’s victory, the Uganda Cricket Association (UCA) is optimistic about the sport’s potential trajectory in the country.

The win secured Uganda’s spot alongside Scotland from Europe, Namibia, and fellow African nation, Namibia, in addition to Nepal and Oman from Asia. Also, Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Canada from the East Asia Pacific and Americas regions will join the qualifying ranks.

Expressing his thoughts on the significance of this triumph, UCA boss Nuwagaba highlighted its far-reaching implications for Ugandan cricket. He underscored that this achievement could be very important for a surge in opportunities, including partnerships, increased funding, and the chance to compete against higher-ranked teams.

Nuwagaba echoed the sentiments of the national team captain, emphasizing that with the right backing, cricket could thrive unexpectedly even in unconventional regions. He stressed the importance of sustained support as a beacon of hope, fostering the belief that cricket can flourish remarkably, paving the way for a brighter future within the sport in Uganda.

The prevailing sentiment among cricket officials and players alike is that this victory signifies more than just a win; it signifies the unlocking of doors to a world of opportunities that could potentially propel Ugandan cricket to greater heights.

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