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French Alps selected as preferred host for 2030 Winter Olympics

2030 Winter Olympics
2030 Winter Olympics. Photo- Collected

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has marked the French Alps as the frontrunner to host the 2030 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. At the same time, Salt Lake City in Utah has emerged as a contender for the 2034 edition.

In the coming period, the IOC plans to engage in extensive discussions with both potential hosts before finalizing its decision during the 142nd IOC Session scheduled for July in Paris.

Karl Stoss, who heads the IOC’s future host commission, praised both proposals for their standout athlete-focused approach, alignment with regional and national development plans, and strong backing from the public and governmental levels.

The IOC’s choice factors in concerns regarding climate change’s impact on winter sports. Beijing’s recent Winter Games relied heavily on artificial snow. The IOC has cautioned that, due to climate change, only ten countries might be capable of hosting snow sports by 2040.

The IOC particularly highlighted the French Alps’ commitment to sustainable winter sports destinations amidst climate change. Additionally, Salt Lake City-Utah’s bid stands out for offering a reliable winter sports venue amid climate uncertainties. These considerations influenced the preference for these bids in the selection process.

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